Pet Stain & Odor Control

5. cleaning stains and odors from pets on carpet

Our pets are important to us, often like special members of the family. Despite all the love and care given to pets, it’s not possible to prevent all accidents on carpets or upholstery at home.

Pet urine can cause permanent damage and odors on your carpets or upholstery, creating an unhealthy environment for your home. Urine can soak into the padding underneath the carpet, and can even risk absorption into the floor beneath the padding. Because animal urine contains nitrogen, this will have a powerful ammonia-like smell. This smell will remind the animal of the accident and can encourage him or her to continue to urinate in the same place, unless the source is removed.

The carpet can be penetrated deep within the surface of the carpet from the urine, needing immediate attention from a professional at Aspen Green Carpet Care. If left unattended for days or even weeks, the urine can permanently impact the dye left on your carpet while the odor will be absorbed into the pores of upholstery and surrounding carpet.

Aspen Green Carpet Care will offer you a range of solutions to react to the nitrogen and deep cleaning needs of the accident. We will also address pet vomit to remove acidic residue and animal fecal waste to remove stains and remnants. Call us today to remove all pet accidents so you can spend quality time with your animal, not worrying about cleaning up after your pet over and over!

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