Tile & Grout Cleaning

power cleaning equipment for grout tiles

Over time, your tile and grout will endure wear, tear, and repetitive use. Tile is a great, versatile option for your home or office. Grout is a necessary part of tile installation, coming in two forms: cement based or epoxy. Cement based could have added sand and tends to be more water absorbent. Epoxy ground contains resins and hardeners, making it easier to clean with its non-absorbent, stain resistant nature.

Even if you clean  your tile and grout diligently, dirt and grime will be embedded deeply. Aspen Green Carpet Care will provide a deep clean to your tile and grout, extracting dirt from deep within the pores of the grout and bringing them back to a lustrous shine, like-new. We will transform your tiles to a restored state and save you the enormous cost of full replacement.

Many tile and grout cleaners rely solely on water pressure or steam to clean hard surfaces. These floor cleaning methods can be inefficient and, in some cases can actually damage your tile and grout flooring!

At Aspen Green, we use the DHX Rotary Jet Extraction Power Wand to use a combination of rotary nylon cleaning brush bristles, spray jets, and vacuum slots to thoroughly clean tile and grout.  The spray jets can use heated or unheated water, while the nylon brush bristles scrub the floor surface and the vacuum slots suck up the water, grime and grit resulting in clean, sparkling tile and resilient grout once again! Your tile and grout will shine brilliantly with their new makeover.

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